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Guaranteed Booked Appointments and Leads Per Month or Your Money Back

What we offer:


Ads, Just Ads, and only for Realtors and Brokerages.

We do one thing - we just do it with a monastic focus and better than anyone else. If you want an agency that offers a full-service solution of everything that won’t lead to tangible results, we’re not for you.

Through our focused approach, we have gained specialized knowledge within the Real Estate industry about exactly what it is that customers are looking for and are responding to. We combine this knowledge with deep data analysis to create campaigns that not only convert into booked appointments, and then to clients, but also set you apart from any other realtors working with other generalized agencies. Thus, helping you to also create unique brand value.

Our specialized knowledge also puts us in a special position where we are able to provide advice/guidance to our clients based on our unique market insights. Thus, allowing for a relationship to be built that is more like a partnership rather than just an agency/client structure.

So, if you want an agency that understands your daily needs, works within your industry, Is able provide advice/guidance in some situations, and where with two clicks, you can get a clear breakdown of how much was spent on advertising, how much was made & what your net profit was - we’re for you. 

Mastery Demands Focus So...

We don't offer any other services except...

  • 5+ Booked appointments

  • ​100+ leads per month

  • Personal easy-to-use CRM

  • Full Sales Funnel Buildouts, IE. Landing pages, Squeeze pages, Upsells, Downsells, Point of sale Order form Bumps, and much more!

  • Automated lead follow up

  • Automated lead qualifying (budget, Leander pre-approval, buying timeline, etc...)

  • Automated appointment booking

  • ​Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn account growth from advertising (leads to more organic lead generation over time)

  • ​Building up a unique long-term brand (leads to more organic referrals and leads over time)

  • Automated Email Marketing setup

  • Website design and Landing Page build

  • Content creation help

The Power Of Facebook Advertising:

$114.93 BILLION

Total Advertising Revenue In 2021

$14.9 Average CPM

$1.01 Average CPC

2.9 Billion Users


Free 15-Minute Demo Call

By the end of this Demo call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent, reliable, and qualified leads online with Funnels & Paid Advertising.

Find a time on our calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!


  • Realtors/Brokerages looking to convert their current website into a high-quality & streamlined funnel format with the use of Social Media advertising.

  • Brokerages looking to do Agent attraction to build out their teams to build up more passive income (EXP, Real Broker, etc.)

  • Realtors/Brokerages looking to take their offline business online

  • ​Realtors/Brokerages looking to understand their increased revenue potential with Facebook/Instagram paid advertising & conversion rate optimization.

  • Realtors/Brokerages looking to maximize their conversion rates & average customer lifetime value.

  • ​Realtors/Brokerages looking for a reliable agency that can make their company a priority.

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